Technically, Cook received about 560,000 shares of Apple stock, which Bloomberg reported were valued at 159.27 based on when the bonus was given on Thursday.
While right shares are offered to the shareholders at a price less than the existing market price.However, no such option is available in case of bonus shares.Bonus shares are always fully paid up, whereas right shares are either partly paid up or fully paid up, depending upon the proportion of paid up the value of equity shares when further issue takes place.Mandatory, not required, definition of Right Shares, right shares are the shares which are issued by the company, with the aim of increasing the subscribed share capital of the company, by further issue.What wound up being a 28 increase.

The 2016 goals took into account the strong 2015 results.Conclusion The bingo gewinnzahlen 07 10 18 company whose shares are"d on a recognised stock exchange issues shares to the existing equity-holders as right or bonus issue must list such shares in the respective stock exchange.The right shares are primarily issued to the current equity shareholders through a letter of an issue, on pro rata basis.It is a leveraged plan as there are no payouts if the threshold targets are not reached and the payouts between the Target and Maximum levels is worth twice the amount between the Threshold and Target.The companys capital is divided into small shares of definite price; wherein each share is regarded as a unit of ownership, that is offered to the general public for sale, to raise funds from the market.In the Google Doc Ive outlined what the levels would be if they were to match fiscal 2015s and two more of my own.I encourage you to read about these announcements on AppleWeb.The revenue levels were 13 and 4 lower and 4 higher with the operating profits goals down by 29, 15 and flat.Details are available on AppleWeb.And a job well done at the world's most profitable company deserves, well, a reward worth more money than most of us can even fathom.
(Note that I own Apple shares and have sold Put options).

To show our support for our team and our confidence in Apples future, well be issuing a grant of 2,500 in restricted stock units to all individual contributors and management up to and including Senior Managers worldwide.
We also know how much our employees value giving back to the communities where we all work and live.
Goals and payouts increased in 2017.