bing image of the day api

For examples that show how to make requests, see.
Specify this key only if you specify the alt key.You must dt kartenspiel attribute the publisher as the source where the collection was found.The next time the user uses your app on that device, get the client ID that you persisted.Clicking the link in the Query object, takes the user to a webpage with more pictures of the image.Otherwise, use the webSearchUrl URL.You could visit Devmil's website to know more about the company/developer who developed this."previous "Previous "next "Next "walle "This image is not available to download as wallpaper.String errors A list of errors that describe the reasons why the request failed.AllReturn all insights, if available, except RecognizedEntities.
Do not specify this parameter when calling the Trending Images API.
Float No cat The top coordinate of the region to crop.

A user interface string is a string that's used as a label in a user interface.RelatedSearchesModule Defines a list of related searches made by others.Specifying this value is the same as not specifying the size parameter.Use this parameter only with the Image API.Name Value Type _type Type hint.Note, the maximum URL length is 2,048 characters.To access the webpage, use the URL in the image's hostPageUrl field.Top.1 Right.
String source The publisher or social network where the images were found.

You must URL encode the query parameter values.
For example, if the query was Red Flowers, Bing might segment the query into Red and Flowers.
For example, if the second request has a different flight assignment than the first, the experience may be unexpected.