This code will need to be placed into the Magento template files, so youll need access to edit the files or a developer who can do this for you.
It not only helps you monitor all customer behavior, it also provides you with the necessary information so you can pull customers back to your store.Set up conversion tracking or Remarketing in Paid Search.Bing Ads provides access to a large market of people looking to make a purchase, so much so that advertisers can generally see their Cost per Click be up to 50 lower on Bing compared to Google, in addition to higher conversion rates, meaning that.How do I create a Conversion goal?When the action matches your conversion goal, it is counted as a conversion.Account Number: This is your m account number.Bing Ads is an often-forgotten platform when it comes to advertising online.There are two ways to add the UET tag tracking code - either directly or using wer darf eine lotterie veranstalten a tag manager.Universal Event Tracking is a powerful and great tool that helps you keep track of what your customers do after clicking on your ads.Bing Ads will now be able to successfully track conversions for the adverts being run on your campaigns allowing you to analyse the success and performance of each campaign, ad and keyword.
Conversion Tracking Conversion Goals page.

Uetq.push( 'gv amount /script).To correctly analyse how much each conversion is costing you, it is important to implement conversion tracking using Bings Universal Event Tracking (UET).Note: UET will work with all industry ready tag management systems.Key takeaways: Create and add the UET tag to all pages of your website.A Tag inactive status means Bing Ads has not received any user activity data from the UET tag in the last 24 hours.Creating a UET tag in Bing Ads.
Add a UET tag tracking code directly or using a tag manager.
You can validate the setup of your conversion tracking by going to the UET tags page and making sure the tag is Tag active.

At the core of any Magento e-commerce website is a fundamental business objective to generate sales revenue and ultimately profit.