Nichols, Mike (June 12, 2009).
Bing uses the first supported language it finds in the specified languages and combines it with the country code to determine the market to return results for.
For example, Music Videos.McDougall, Paul (June 8, 2009)."Microsoft offers unworkable solution to Bing porn".type "ErrorResponse "errors "code "RequestParameterMissing "message "Required parameter is missing.Name Value Type pricing Filter videos by price.The user agent originating the request.For other apps such as mobile apps, use the device's persistent storage to persist the.It is possible for multiple pages to include some overlap in results.MSN Soapbox service was discontinued in August 2009.Thing motionThumbnailUrl The URL to an animated thumbnail that shows a preview of the video.Category Video Defines a video that is relevant to the query.A comma-delimited list of languages to use for user interface strings.The list is in decreasing order of preference.Boolean mainEntity The name of the main entity shown in the video.Name Value Type displayText The display version of the query string.
The market used by the request.

For a list of possible values, see Market Codes.The altitude of the client device, in meters.Status Code Description 200 The call succeeded.For information about the headers that requests should include, see.Note, the maximum URL length dinner and casino night bregenz is 2,048 characters.InsufficientScope The caller does not have permissions to access the resource.
String videoId An ID that uniquely identifies this video in the list of videos.

ExceededQpsLimit The caller exceeded their queries per second (QPS).