Hold 2 suited King/Queen or King/Jack.
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Hold 2 suited Queen and Ten.
If you hold 6h6d9hQhKh you should ditch the 6 of diamonds and look for a fifth heart.Most of the time the decision to hold onto a low pair is obvious.Added Average Payout dialog, fixed skip stats bug, improved performance of deal button due to payout dialog.The more efficient you get in making these decisions to faster you will start to play at an optimal level.Understanding the odds of these outcomes in various situations is how professional poker players gain an edge in the games they play.It also happens to be the game which offers players the best return out of all the casino games available.Video poker is one of the most exciting and entertaining games one can play at a casino and as a result is also one of the most popular.Strategy Check - Informs you if you did not hold the right cards.Dealt a low pair while having 2 of the cards that casino teneriffa poker could lead to a royal flush, optimal play dictates you keep the pair.For example, 3hTsJsQhQs looks great and has a ton of potential, however the disciplined move is to keep your pair of ladies.Hold 2 suited King and Ten.There is one situation where Jacks or Better video poker optimal strategy actually indicates that players should break a high pair.Hold 4 cards to an inside Straight (with 4 high cads).Using the statistics are a basis for your decisions removes a lot of the psychology involved with gambling.When you are dealt a hand containing three to a royal flush including a high pair it is certainly temping to go for the royal.
Most players feel inclined to hold the kicker card with the winning pair but this is a mistake.

By Nick Nicolaou, summary, the Jacks or Better optimal strategy is your only chance to bring video poker's expected return of up.54.Hold 3 unsuited King, Queen, Jack.Hold 2 suited Ace/King, Ace/Queen or Ace/Jack.Optimal Video Poker Strategy, in this case for Jacks or Better.If you hold just the pair, you have higher chances of getting a three-of-a-kind than a two pair by holding the kicker card.This is correct for the most part, however you will leave some edge on the table unless you make the following adjustments.The reason for this is that the high pair is already a winning hand whereas the low pair is not, changing the maths considerably in your favour.Hold 1 Jack.

If you believe you have found a strategy error, please take a screen shot of the payout odds table for that hand and send me a copy.
For example, when you have 4h4s7cKdAd the play is to hold onto the two fours and abandon the chase for glory.
When dealt three to a royal flush and holding a low pair you should always embark on a journey along the path to glory by breaking your low pair.