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The only references to it I've found call it a "South African".
Inc Zueignung, Die Nacht, Allerseelen, Heimkehr, Standchen, Fischer-Dieskau, Gerald Moore, piano, r i:1968 original semi-circle label.00 E messiaen, Quartet for the fifty shades of grey dvd bonus End of Time, Beroff, piano, Gruenberg, violin, de Peyer, clarinet, Pleeth, cello, r i:1969 original semi-circle label #scarce 6112.00 V/E delius,.The Alto issues are reputed to have superb sound includes additional repertoire 181604 ASD 588.00 E rossini, Stabat Mater, Lorengar, Allen, Traxel, Greindl, St Hedwig's Cathedral Ch, Berlin SO, c: Forster, r i:1964 orig semi-circle label #rare, my first copy ASD 589.50.Highly recommended.00 side 1 is V/E, side 2 is G/V/E: few ticks occasionally mozart, Violin Concertos 3 4, Goldberg, Phil O, c: Susskind, r i:1953 M original gold/brown label sleeve is E 6815.50 E Operatic Arias, Freischütz, Fidelio, Lustigen Weiber von Windsor, Werther, Ariadne.Guilleaume, soprano, Wolf-Matthaus, contralto, Krebs, tenor, Nocker, bass, r i:1956 M Archiv orig gatefold sleeve is E- 8161/3.50 E small pressing bubble gives 4 ticks (near mint) bach, Weihnachts Oratorium (Christmas Oratorio), Weber, Wagner, Krebs, Rehfuss, Berlin Mottetenchor, BPO, c: Lehmann, r i:1955.Vickers, Rome Opera Hse O, c: Serafin, r i:1964 orig red label, black spot groove pr 191503 SB 6621.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) Music for Voice Guitar, britten, Songs from the Chinese, Folk Song arrangements, 2nd Lute Song of the Earl.Suliotis, del Monaco, Gobbi, O Ch di Roma, c: Varviso, r i:67 wide band groove pr, orig ED2 front of libretto inside of box lid are foxed Boxed 02 SET 343/4.00 E couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint) mascagni, Cavalleria Rusticana, Elena Suliotis.(Vienna Boys Choir Sing Schubert Lieder), Medjimorec, piano, Vienna Boys Choir, c: Uwe Mund, EMI red/black label original Austrian pressing #extremely rare 5318.00 E Il Maestro di Capella, two different works: the first an intermezzo by Cimarosa, (1749-1801 the second excerpts from the opera.Half price vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Vittorio Emanuele, violin, Societa Corelli, r i:1960 shaded dog sleeve is E #Societa Corelli were a thirteen string ensemble of virtuosi.00 E light non-sounding mark small pressing bubble gives about 7 ticks (near mint) brahms, Piano Quartet.Under half price dvorak, Symphony no 9, VPO, c: Kertesz, r i:1961 wide band groove pr, ED1 gatefold sl.00 V/E few soft ticks handel, Water Music, Royal Fireworks Music, Minuet from Faithful Shepherd, Largo, LSO, c: Szell, r i:1962 wide band groove.Menuhin, r: i:1976 M dog/stamp Boxed 01 RLS 721.00 E Shostakovich plays Shostakovich, shostakovich, Piano Concerto no 2, Piano Quintet, Cello Sonata, Preludes for Violin Piano, Preludes Fugues, From Jewish Folk Poetry, Concertino for 2 Pianos, Shostakovich, Rostropovich, Kogan, Maxim Shostakovich, Beethoven Quartet, Moscow.21-24AM are mono, the rest are stereo 441710 DG 17007.00 V/E ticks in first half cm flotow, Martha: excerpts, Berger, Wissmann, Plumacher, Neidlinger, Bamberg SO/BPO/Wirttembergische Staatstheatre, c: Leitner/Rother, M 10" large tulips original cream/yellow gatefold DG 17052.00 E Rita Streich Sings, songs.
These are all stereo 716.00 E shostakovich, Song Cycles: Suite on Verses by Michelangelo, 6 Songs to Lyrics by English Poets, 6 Songs to Poems by Marina Tsvetayeva, Nestorenko, bass, Bogacheva, mezzo, Moscow RSO/Moscow CO, c: M Shostakovich/Barshai, r:1976/7 i:1977 HMV/Melodiya orig label leaflet.
Spanish pieces range from 1450 to 1550, Villancicos, Madrigals etc.

Best copy I've ever had 3318.00 F: lots of clicks ticks.The performances are very different from the most well-known interpretations of the early 60s, being very fast, taut driven.Superb condition set beethoven, The Nine Symphonies, with bonus record of Bruno Walter rehearsing sections of the 4th, 7th 9th Symphonies.Takako Nishizaki, Singapore SO, c: Choo Hoey, r i:1981 HK includes additional repertoire.35080.50 E Bach Organ Works Vol 5, bach, BWV 591-596, 545b, 1027a, 573, 653b, 741, 586-7, 577, on the Andersen Organ of St Benedict's Chruch, Ringsted, Denmark.Buckel, Topper, Haefliger, Engen, Munchener Bach Orch Ch, c: Richter, r i:1961 Archiv red stereo, cream triple gatefold sleeve #with oboe d'amore.Helmut Walcha, r:1956/.50 E purcell, Dido Aeneas, Troyanos, McDaniel, Armstrong, Hamburg Monteverdi Ch, North German Radio CO, c: Mackerras, r:.00 E some light non-sounding marks in pressing scarlatti, Alessandro, The Garden of Love, Gayer, Fassbaender, Instrumental ens incl Linde, Munich CO, c: Stadlmair, r:1964.00.Rare 16158.50 E small non-sounding mark in pressing (near mint) bach, Cantata BWV 170, Hongen, contralto, Schnauffer, organ, Bayerisches Staatsorchestre, c: Lehmann, r i:1951 M Archiv orig cream gatefold includes additional repertoire 100176/8.00 1 cm mark ticks on side.Vishnevskaya, Bolshoi Theatre, c: Khaikin, M MK 331703 DPA 537/8.00 E Favourite Composers: elgar, elgar, Enigma Variations, Introduction Allegro for Strings, Chanson de Matin, Chanson de Nuit, Serenade in E minor for Strings, Pomp Circumstance Marches, c: Monteux/Boult/Marriner/Bliss, r:1968/75 i:1976 narrow band English Decca.Rest is V/E mozart, Symphony no 36, Piano Concerto no 15, Bernstein, piano, VPO, c: Bernstein, r i:1967 wide band groove pr, ED2 sleeve is E, booklet first copy I've had in this original label #scarce 511712 SET 333/4.00 E non-sounding mark on Alto.
Side 2 is V/E Klemperer Conducts wagner, wagner, Overtures: Rienzi, Flying Dutchman, Tannhauser, Meistersinger.

The first LP contains 13 arias by by a wide range of opera composers.
Celedonio Romero, r:.00 E mahler, Symphony no 8, Cotrubas, Finnila, Prey, Sotin, Concertgebouw O, c: Haitink, r i:1971 Philips original silver/red label Boxed 2 LPs #soloists chorus.00 E verdi, Attila, Deutekom, Raimondi, Milnes, Bergonzi, Ambrosian Singers, RPO, c: Gardelli, r i:1972 Philips original silver/red label.
Bound-in libretto 2 LPs very rare in this original pressing and sleeve.