Ill start off by killing a common belief.
Neither is tier.
With the nerfs to tier 20, keeping it doesnt have a chance to outweigh the power of using legendaries as strong as The Emperors Capacitor.Rising Winds the best trait by far even on AoE fights, is gone.Its alternatives have grown closer and closer, and are now beating it in sims.About Our Author, this guide toto lotto saarbrücken has been written.Ill also warn you again about taking sims as too reliable of a source of information.I feel this is highly relevant.Any use of SCK throughout the fight makes those sims inappropriate.However, were not in Antorus yet.No big surprise there.Well, if you have access to a good item level Tier 20, youre unlikely to break it early on into Antorus.To add to that, our current tier 20 is nerfed significantly, meaning that even though the 4p is a significant amount of dps, the 2p is not and well be glad to drop that in favor of tier.Although torment the weak looked like an outlier in sims, in actual logs its not consistently dealing much more than the other damage/stats increasing traits.The other pages of our Windwalker Monk guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.We can give a rough list of items youll want to equip.

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Strength of Xuen is significantly better with, storm, Earth, and Fire than with serenity, and sees diminishing returns the more you get.To be frank, both are really lame and wont give you any significant damage boost.Another thing to note is that tier 21 requires the legendary helm to be equipped to show its true potential.Considering they swapped both our tier 20 and 21 at some point, unique online casino none of the 2p bonus are interesting enough to warrant a 6 tier pieces situation again, and considering how strong The Wind Blows and Chest are, this is not happening.We dont like haste and shorter kill timers mean bloodlust matters more.At times its been very clear cut, at times its very close.