portal bonus map 15

Continue as for least portals.
As soon as you can see into the first pellet room, shoot your two portals onto the walls.
Use portal-through-portal (see above) to get over the slime.It's quicker just to run-jump into the room, shoot your first portal back onto the projecting slab and dash into the side room to start your jump.Score OUT OF 10 1 1 votes, view Stats, cast Your Vote!You must be, logged In to post comments in this section.Her mods have accumulated millions of downloads across Fallout 4, Skyrim, Witcher 3, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance.Turn and place your portal on the projecting slab and get the jump going right away.Size, downloads, description number one casino in the united states rar.4Mb 4226, a bonus map for Portal taking place in the reverse engineering department of the Black Mesa facility.Textures, Talk, and Tips - Fuse00.In the final room, put a portal at the foot of the victory lift, then step up onto the platform closest to the first portal, and jump through.Wait again for the pellet to emerge from the exit portal, then run out immediately.
Don't wait for the lift: as soon as you see a gap, shoot a portal onto the wall above and the other at your feet to get you up there.
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Maneuver onto the victory lift platform as you fly up through the exit portal.Place your exit portal first, then shoot the entry portal at your feet and throw the exit portal away as you come through.Find out more and change your settings in our privacy policy.Shoot your exit portal down to the far end.Let the pellet bounce around until it hits the receptacle.Edge through again and shoot a portal onto the floor of far chamber.Contents, hazards, strategy, portals, it's possible to get the first energy pellet into the receptacle with just two portals, but it takes a bit of experimentation (using quick-save/reload).Use floor-to-floor to get right against the emancipation grid.