resident evil 4 unlockables ps3

Climb onto one and spielhalle ravensburg go all the way down to the other side, shooting the Gonadas coming up on you poked my heart little boy other lifts and the ones on the platforms.
Drop weapons that you will not use to increase the chance of getting poker zubehör bielefeld ammunition that is more useful.
If you are quick enough, you can escape El Gigante and make it through the door alive with Ashley.
In the room where the long and hardest fight takes place, just run to the edge, taking the contents of a barrel along the way.If you cannot get a clear shot at it, get a head shot and they will recoil, making the chest more vulnerable and easier to target.Kill as many Majinis as you can to ensure you get an "S" rank for the number of kills you make; otherwise you will end up with an "A" rank at the end of the chapter, which will result in 900 Exchange Points.Killing large crowds with TMP Shoot out the legs of everyone, then unload on their heads while they are lying on their faces.If you are short on resources, worry more about getting the Broken Butterfly's exclusive, as it really increases the firepower.In the final area where you encounter Wesker's final form, there is a brief stage where Chris and Sheva are separated.Diamond (Pear) Chapter 2-2: After the scene with Irving, go past the machine gun turret.The Team That Slays Together.Note: If you scare some away, just re-enter the area to reset their position."Experimental Facility" mission, jill (Battle Suit "Ship Deck" mission.Idol (Gold) Chapter 4-2: On the bottom floor of the mirror puzzles, in one of the room that unlocks, send the beam of light to the statue instead of the final mirror.You will have the items you previously picked up, and all the items can be picked up again.Go to the end of the village.A Cut Above (Bronze Defeat 5 enemies with the Knife.Easy Exchange Points Play Chapter 2-3: "Savanna" on the Amateur difficulty.

(Silver Build up a certain level of trust with your partner.This will kill the Big Man Majini, and you will get "The Works" trophy.She will be temporarily blinded, allowing your teammate to restrain her from behind.Check the door, and it will say that it is locked.Defeating Los Illuminados Instead of firing at Los Illuminados when there parasite is exposed, use a flash grenade to destroy the parasite instead of using your weapon.Easier Mercenaries mode Have two players so that one can rack up kills.You can then leave and proceed to Chapter.This allows you to get several kills in before it starts getting hectic.You can then go into the house and they will not come out.Once you kill them, they keep coming back.The presentation of the story is absolutely integral to the experience, making it much more than padding between battles.