Day 2, on the second day, I again played in the 300 tournament, which was a satellite to an event to be held that Saturday.
Amazingly, I didnt even get the opportunity to push all-in, as a player to my right (who I figured to be one of slot machine gratis para jugar the tighter players at the table) re-raised an early position bet, putting me to a decision for my entire stack.
Summary I am torn when I consider whether or not I would want to return to Bogota for another poker trip.His casino is rather small, but that they do typically get a cash game going each night.Given how loose everyone at the table was playing, I decided it was time to try to get all-in.Everyone is of course familiar with Colombias more famous beauties, such as Shakira, Sofia Vergara (pictured left or Paula Garcés, and the country is also chock full of gorgeous models, local actresses, and TV presenters.When it is time to make a cashout you can use many of the methods listed above.It reminded me of a whacky home game!My opponent had top pair, A-kicker (making me wonder what the heck hed been folding in all the hands up to this point)!Note: If you want your access restored then you must provide a valid email address where we can communicate with a human.Day 3, i returned the next day hoping for some more loose Omaha action, but instead they were playing 2,000/2,000 pot limit Omaha, with the player in the dealer position picking the wild-card!

Is Bogota worth a visit?Few of the staff spoke English well, so I was forced to communicate with my rather poor, but functional Spanish.I decided to spend the day walking around the Zona Rosa, doing some shopping, and getting caught up on some sleep.1-2NLH with 5BB ante starts at 6:30PM.Do not expect to be served typical Colombian food the Zona Rosa is not a tourist trap; it caters to locals, and the locals apparently appreciate culinary variety!Columbus, OH trex kartenspiel 43220, you have been removed from our mailing list.Luckily the game was super loose and within a few hours I made back my buy-in from the tournament, and the amount of money on the table steadily grew.However, there are also plenty of stunningly beautiful women who arent famous.I would normally buy in to 1/2 NL with 200-300, but since this game probably didnt even have that much on the entire table, I sat down with just 100.