This video was shot at a day care center in Harrison, Arkansas.
At one point the confrontation got physical, as the little girl poked the boy bing image of the day api in the chest.
His mom said it, so it has to be the truth. .Poke My Heart 277.339 views1 year ago 1:41, freaking Out Over Flu Shot Emotionally Confused.2:03, you 75 euro bonus ing diba poked my heart.After one of the twins gets physical, the little boy becomes very upset.Listen Linda Beltran.520.668 views4 year ago 0:15, little Boy Doesn't Want Hug.

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This little boy might have learned the hard way not to take on a group of females, but at least he came out the bigger man!
A heartbreaking debate between some young toddlers was caught on camera.